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U.S. immigration law currently allows workers to enter the United States to work either temporarily or permanently through the employment-based immigration system. If you wish to immigrate to the United States from another country to start a business or work in Michigan, there are multiple visa options available. The business immigration attorneys at Family Visa can help you choose the correct forms for you. Contact us today to start the complex business immigration process.

Why You Need a Business Immigration Lawyer in Michigan

Business immigration is one of the most nuanced areas of U.S. immigration law, and it is constantly evolving. This makes it important to work with a skilled and experienced immigration lawyer in Michigan. Family Visa is a diverse and multilingual team of legal professionals with many years of experience exclusively practicing immigration law.

We currently have a 100 percent success rate, with hundreds of visa applications successfully processed for clients in the past five years. We stand by workers and entrepreneurs who wish to immigrate to the U.S. for better business opportunities. We want to be the first to say – welcome to the United States.

Steps Required for Employment Immigration

Immigrating to the United States as a worker or business owner starts with applying for temporary or permanent resident status (also known as obtaining a Green Card). You can apply for this status if you meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • You are eligible to receive an immigrant visa.
  • You have been inspected and admitted or inspected and paroled by an immigration officer.
  • You are physically present in the United States when you file Form I-485.
  • An immigration visa is immediately available to you at the time that you file Form I-485.
  • The job offered to you in Form I-140 still exists, or you can prove that your new job or employer is in a similar occupational classification.

Once you receive your Green Card, you can apply for an employment-based permanent resident visa. There are three preference categories for this type of visa based on the worker’s education and skill level. In general, workers or entrepreneurs with advanced degrees and years of career experience get priority. You may qualify for multiple reference categories, in which case a lawyer can explain your different options.

Unsponsored vs. Sponsored Business Immigration

Most business immigration petitions have a sponsor – an employer located in the United States. These business immigration methods include H-1B and PERM. A Michigan business immigration sponsor must meet certain qualifications to hire foreign employees. This includes demonstrating a need for business immigrants, such as a lack of qualified or willing workers in the U.S.

If an individual is extraordinary or outstanding in their field of work or classified as someone who is in the “national interest,” the employer does not need to certify that there are no viable worker options in the U.S. This type of worker will also qualify to self-petition as a business immigrant into the U.S.

In unsponsored business immigration cases, petitions are filed by the applicants themselves. A small business owner can self-file an unsponsored petition for an E-2 treaty investor visa, for example, if he or she is eligible. Recently, President Biden signed a law for an EB-5 Immigrant Investor Regional Center Program that may also apply to you as someone petitioning for an employment-based visa.

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Michigan business immigration is an extremely complicated and ever-changing area of United States law. Rather than dealing with this confusing legal process alone and risking a mistake that jeopardizes your employment-based immigration status, contact Family Visa for a free legal consultation.

Our family immigration attorneys in Michigan can guide you through the steps that it takes to obtain your employment visa, whether you are sponsored or unsponsored by a U.S.-based employer. Our law firm offers free case evaluations with our multilingual staff 24/7, with virtual meetings always available.