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If you or someone you love has been threatened with deportation or removal from the country, do not wait to seek legal assistance. The experienced family immigration attorneys in Michigan at Family Visa can help protect your rights and effectively defend against your removal or deportation proceedings. Call today to schedule a free case consultation and discuss your case immediately.

What Is Removal?

Deportation, or removal, happens when the federal government orders the removal of a foreign citizen from the United States. It can happen for many reasons, including the violation of immigration laws or serious criminal laws.

Grounds for Deportation or Removal

Under 8 US Code § 1227, a non-citizen can be removed from the United States if they violate the terms of their immigration status or commit specific criminal acts such as failing to register as a sex offender, child abuse, or aggravated felony.

Some of the grounds for inadmissibility or deportation include:

  • Inadmissibility at the time of entry or of adjustment of status
  • Falsely claiming citizenship
  • Failure to maintain status
  • Failure to register and falsification of documents
  • Crimes of moral turpitude
  • Criminal convictions including, but not limited to, drug-related crimes, theft or burglary, domestic violence, stalking, child abuse, aggravated felonies, certain firearm offenses, trafficking, smuggling, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy

Forms of Relief From Removal

If you or someone you love is about to be removed or deported from the United States, an attorney can help you find a form of relief that allows you to be excused from your removal and remain in the country.

Here are some types of relief from removal proceedings:

  • You may be able to change your immigration status from temporary nonimmigrant to permanent resident through the adjustment of status process. Often, this is done through a family-based petition.
  • You may be granted asylum if you qualify as a refugee and can show that your persecution fits under one of the five grounds (race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion).
  • You may qualify for cancellation of removal if you can show that you have physically lived in the United States for ten years consecutively and that your removal would cause exceptional and extremely unusual hardship.
  • You may be able to have your case put on hold through deferred action.
  • You may qualify for protection under the Convention Against Torture (CAT) if you can show that it is more likely than not that returning to your country of origin will result in torture.

Speak With Michigan Removal Defense Attorneys

Facing removal or deportation proceedings can be very stressful for you and your family. It is overwhelming to not know what the outcome will be – and even worse if you are dealing with it on your own. Hiring an experienced immigration lawyer to represent you is crucial.

At Family Visa, we can provide you with the quality representation, resources, and legal advice you need to obtain the best outcome. Our attorneys will care and advocate for you throughout the process, build a strong defense for you, and help you defend your removal proceedings quickly and effectively. Call (800) 605-VISA today to speak with a deportation defense attorney as soon as possible.